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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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going to be a challenge. let's talk about getting you out the door. it's a damp morning with mist in the air, even some drizzle making it down to the ground. there are a few slick spots out there. you can see from the exploratorium the sea breeze is back. look at the temperatures this morning. milder because of the cloud cover and extra humidity. 49 to 54. temperature at noon not much of a spread but about our driest time of the day 57 to 62. sprinkles to even showers in the north bay by 4:00. 58 to 66. then scattered showers to a steady rain up in the north bay by 7:00. so have the umbrella handy. most of the rain will miss our evening commute. i'll give you an idea when it comes in and what to expect. here's alexis. we do have a new collision reported around the toll plaza for the bay bridge. have not spot it had on this camera yet, though. it is sounding pretty minor right now and heading to highway
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4 we have some early delays and a new hazard reported. westbound 4 near willow pass road but as you get through pittsburg and bay point you can see some delays. this morning 1,000 people still under evacuation in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire burning near boulder creek grew to 300 acres yesterday and is just 15% contained. seven firefighters have been hurt since the fire started monday night. that rain expected to help firefighters make more progress in containing the north bay fires. now 80% contained. the sulfur fire 94% contained. >> atlas is 84% contained and the nuns fire is 80% con taped. >> the pocket fire is 63% contained. the tubbs fire at 91%. cal fire now expects to have the
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sonoma and napa county fires fully contained by tuesday. and new this morning cal fire has just release this had new interactive map that allows people in sonoma county to look up the status of structures impacted by the fires. all of those red points mean destroyed homes. we do have a link. in santa rosa the community there is rallying to help families and teachers who not only lost their homes but also their schools. >> really disheartening. it was hidden valley satellite school, once home base for kindergarten through second grade. now it's gone and it's hard to discern what is what in those former classrooms anymore. students will go now to a neighboring hidden valley elementary. >> 144 kids lost their homes at our school site, 144 kids lost their homes. about 80-some-odd kids will join
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us. we'll welcome them with open arms. >> some schools in the fire zone may not reopen until october 30th. they still have to be scrubbed of soot and smoke damage. this is going to help out a bit, donation center where kids can find books, toys, and clothes. we do have a link on our website happening today a store in sonoma county is having a job fair for people displaced by those fires. oliver's market is listing 16 positions on a flier announcing the job fair. the market, which has already donated $10,000 to the north bay fire relief fund is also matching all customer donations up to $25,000. the jobs fair begins at 9:00 and runs until 3:00. >> i know this sounds counter intuitive but now may be the time to visit napa and sonoma counties. the wineries spared are putting out the word they are open for business. owners say they have received in the past week so many cancellations and that is making
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things even tougher than they were before. so northern california accounts for 70% of the visitors to the wineries. more than 53% come from san francisco alone, so they need all of us to support them. obviously call ahead to make sure they weren't affected by the fires. >> absolutely. a great way to do something and get a little wine, too. look at your screens. new this morning an earthquake has rattled monterey county. the 3.8 quake struck at 4:45 this morning centered around 14 miles northeast of greenfield right along highway 101 about 30 minutes south of salinas. it's a good time to ask are you ready for the big one? today more than 9 million people will take part in the drill. >> this is called the great california shake out. an earthquake simulator at google's campus. amy hollyfield is live in mountain view. did you get this fired up now,
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ready to go? >> reporter: it is ready to go, reggie, so get excited. google employees will get to get into the simulator today to feel what an earthquake is really like. 35,000 people work here. they're going to be able to get in here and learn a lesson. janet is my tour guide today and you're here to tell us what we do when this thing starts shaking. >> so when it starts shaking the first thing do you is drop. and then you cover your head. and when you drop you're covering all your vitals. so things will start falling down. ours is pretty safe here but at your house, which you do need to make it safe, there could be a vase -- >> reporter: oh, here we go. oh, my gosh. tell me what we do. so now what do we do? >> now we'll look around and make sure it's safe to get up. >> reporter: well, this could have been -- >> so this could have broken and that would have maybe caused injuries. >> reporter: okay. and why do we need to crouch
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down? during the napa earthquake a couple years ago we were in bed. it was, what, 4:00 in the morning on a sunday. i was all comfy. do you get out of bed? >> still get out of bed, roll out of bed and go to cover your vitals because you don't know what's going to start falling in and we don't know at that moment how severe it is. so definitely drop, cover -- >> reporter: hitting the deck is the best thing. >> and hold on to something if it's close to you. don't run. >> reporter: what do you think that was we just experienced? >> i think that was almost a 7.0. >> reporter: it got my heart going, i have to say. it jolts you right into realizing we need to be prepared, and that is the theme for the day, check your supplies, check your home, talk about a plan with your neighbors and your family. you get some giggles here as we all shake but we want to keep the topic serious. this is a day to be aware.
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>> in napa when people were in bed you don't want a big picture frame or mirror over your bed. think about what you have, use earthquake supplies to secure your items and you're going to be much safer when they happen. >> reporter: it's stressful to think about but that is a good reminder. thank you, janet. are you guys ready? do you feel you have your kits ready? >> i'll see you soon. thank you, amy. today's event is a good remind earp the time to prepare is right now. if you need some guidance head to you'll find suggestions for stocking an earthquake survival kit and developing an emergency plan for your family. look under the prepare norcal section. the me too movement exploding around the world since the harvey weinstein scandal broke out. >> this morning actress alyssa
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milano. first, a live look outside with abc 7 now. you can see the toll plaza where i ran into some mist and drizzle driving through there and the bay bridge this morning. we're priming the atmosphere for a pretty good rain for october. some of lus get ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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let's talk about some good news, the air quality good just about everywhere but it is starting to get thicker in the south bay and up in the north bay. we'll keep an eye on that. head outside. you don't need your respirator. a possibility for air quality today, tomorrow, saturday and sunday and in the central bay as we get an offshore breeze. 49 in menlo park, low to mid-50s for the rest of the peninsula. mid to upper 50s for the rest of the bay. in the north bay 50 in santa rosa. winds 10 miles an hour across the golden dwat. beaches drizzle today and except for the north bay do a little exercising. i do promise you some showers and then some steady rain, all of us are going to get wet. we'll talk more about that next.
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here's alexis. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. we have reports of a new crash around the toll plaza that was minor and they're pushing themselves off so that will not be a lingering problem. you are heavy out of the central valley. a disabled tractor-trailer. no delays out of the north bay this morning. thanks, alexis. new research about what happens in the moments after we die. the surprising findings coming up next. plus, new video of the recovery updates. i am, um, very sorry. and we're gonna get the phone- his phone, uh out of you... the importt thing is that we're going to make you better. (voice-activated double-tone) okay. here's how to make butter. pour two thirds a cup of cold heavy cream into a one cup canning... snickers® satisifes.
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we're back at 6:15. a live look with our emeryville camera. your morning commute will be mostly dry. things will change by the time you head home this afternoon. and from our live desk we are tracking the need to movement. in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal, we're hearing from alisa milano speaking to "good morning america." milano was one of the first to
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share the call for a me too hash tag writing, if you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write me too as a reply to this tweet. >> i don't know if i will ever publicly share my story. of course i've done my own healing and been through counseling and have a great support system in my life. but really this was about showing that this happens everywhere. >> regardless of if she shares her story she has certainly caused a lot of people to come forward. millions have come forward and have used the #me too on social media. she says this allows women not to be silenced anymore. you can catch the rest of her exclusive interview with "gma" at 7:00 right here. >> it's amazing what one tweet was able to do. new video shows the army corps of engineer assessing damage to
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power lines in puerto rico. since hurricane maria hit last month the situation is still dire. 3 million people still without power and 1 million don't even have running water. many remote areas of the island are still cut off from disaster response efforts because roads and bridges were wiped out. >> well, here is some eerie science, just in time for halloween. this goes back to a major study that suggests our minds still work. scientifically speaking research shows our consciousness may still function for a period of time after our physical body is declared dead. scientists studied cardiac arrests patients, all technically declared dead and later revived and some people said they were aware of their surroundings though most were unable to recall any specific memories. >> the sheriff's deputies ran
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into an unusual suspect prowling around the shops of lake tahoe's north shore tuesday night. they post this had vided this v appears to be a pretty big brown bear and tweeted must have been looking for taco bell. >> obviously didn't find a taco >> obviously didn't find a taco bell. >> that was his sidekick. >> i've been running by deer about once a week driving through my town, i'm running into deer. this morning it was like what the buck, it was a big buck, like a six-point buck. >> well don't run into them. >> i don't. but they're standing there looking at you, where you going so early in the morning? it's kind of dangerous out there this time of the year. hopefully that will keep them coming down. a look at our breezes before and after and there's the arrival
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delays. that's the average. cooler today. breezy and cooler, becoming dry by this time tomorrow. 7:00 this morning, mist and drizzle for all of us. as we head near noon, sprinkles for the rest of us. scattered showers and that will be a mainstay. the same with our mist and drizzle and a few sprinkles. notice the steadier rain, the green and yellows, the light to moderate moving into mendocino county and lake county and sonoma county by 8:00. the rest of us still with some drizzle and scattered showers. now we'll get our steady light to moderate rain. notice by 4:00 it's already gone except for scattered light except for scattered light showers.
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let's look at your rainfall amounts out of the south bay. less than a quarter of an inch into the east bay with a quarter to a half inch up in the north bay. that's a pretty good amount for this time of year. it will feel like autumn. calmer and warmer. 60s and 70s saturday. look at the summer warmth. 70s at the coast to possibly 90 inland. starting to fill in here and you can have some mist and drizzle on your way to work. just be aware as you see the steadier rain move in. those oils rise on the roadways. just before you get to willow
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pass roadblocking lane three and that has things jammed into the pittsburg area. that is over average. some good news in the north bay, mass transit agencies really returning to normal or really close to that. smart train back to full service with free rides through friday. golden gate transit on their regular schedule and sonoma county on regular weekday service with free service until further notice. changes are coming to delores park. the addition that may make it safer. >> also, flying into the future, delta reveals its newest plane. the features that could make passengers a lot more comfortable. and as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break. we have abc 7 news now up for you.
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back. we have a live look outside our exploratorium camera. we are tracking damp conditions and rain on the way for much of the bay area tonight. if you are heading out the door track the storm with abc 7. you can use our abc 7
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accuweather app and get immediate live updates on the storm's path. the airbus is now open for business and it features a suite up front with beds and a wall that slides so you have more privacy. it will cost about $6,000. so if you have $5995 to let me borrow, i'm up there. there's also a business class junior, pay a 50% premium on regular economy. the airbus jets will replace the boeing 747 by the end of the year. the first to use these. for now the jets will fly out of detroit to several international destinations. sorry to say if you're back in coach with the rest of us, it's only 31 inches of leg room. >> i'm a tiny person, i just go for the cheapest flight. >> well, i'll see you back there. time to ask finney. today gail from san rafael has a
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question about unpaid work. >> she spoke to us and michael finney has her answer. >> i want to know the advantages and disadvantages to having recouped a loan after you bought a house for cash here. karen, that's a great question. paying in cash is the best way to get the deal done. buyers love a cash offer because the sale can't be held up by a lender since there's no lender involved. now the problem with buying all cash is even if you have the money, you've tied up all your financial resources. so here's what many do. they buy the home with cash, then they go get a mortgage. now there are some things to be careful with on this. you'll want to get with a banker or mortgage broker who knows what they're doing, get the full tax write-off. karen, thanks for your question. if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone and share it on social media using the #ask finney. >> it's a tense situation in santa cruz county, the number of homes the bear fire is
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threatening has now doubled. authorities say there's actually another big problem. and i'm watching mist and drizzle. our first good chance of rain coming at us. the storm is in the pacific northwes if you encounter a downed power line, you need to stay away from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪
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now at 6:30 the opening bell ringing right now on wall street. and the markets are opening in new territory this morning after closing at the highest level ever. we'll see how the dow fares after the bell during our morning money report. but first a welcome sight in the bay area. rain is just hours away and some of us are waking up to damp conditions. you needed your wipers on, right? >> there was a little mist in the east bay. >> had to use them a couple times, too. the good thing about the rain is it will fall after the evening compute. i did run into a few wet spots. the winds on live doppler 7 gusting to 32.
6:31 am
let's talk about your 12-hour day planner. 49 to 54. notice the temperature trend at noon. our driest time of the day, 57 to 62. sprinkles for the rest of us. more on that next. here's alexis. >> we do have a couple trouble spots we can't get away from. one is westbound highway 4. disabled semi now blocking three out of five lanes there. we do have emergency crews on the scene and hopefully will get that moving soon. right now the two left lanes are the only two getting through the area. that backup continues to grow. san mateo at 26 minutes. and we should be in the yellow here, about 14 across the dumbarton bridge, an earlier vehicle cleared there. hundreds of people still out of their homes and firefighters
6:32 am
face add seriard a series of is. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live. hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. a lot of firefighters waking up going to breakfast before they start their shift in the santa cruz mountains. a briefing at 7:00. they're going to give us the latest numbers. here are the numbers we have right now. this fire is 300 acres and is 15% contained. a lot of firefighters are up here about 900 firefighters and they've come from all over. they are doing a lot of work dealing with hot spots and damaged trees. some homes escaped damage while others were destroyed. a number of structures threatened to about 300. residents afraid what have they could return to. >> that's when it hit me, i lost it and started crying, wow, wow, this is a trip because now we could lose everything.
6:33 am
>> reporter: another problem, looting. santa cruz county sheriff's deputies arrested marlin coy suspected of burglarizing a house in the evacuation air. another issue aircraft doing water drops are temporarily grounded because of a drone flying in the area. hopes of rain arriving tonight. >> 11 days after the flames ignited. progress is being made to fully contain these fires. in sonoma county the nuns fire is 80% contained. the tubbs fire 91% contained. and the atlas fire at 84% containment. homeowners are quite busy working with insurance companies trying to get things in order so they can recoup and/or rebill. the fire destroyed more than 2,800 structures in santa rosa alone. city leaders plan to cut the red tape not only to help people
6:34 am
rebuild but create more units in what was already a tight market. >> how do they walk into our planning department and get a permit that day to go rebuild the current footprint of their home to help them get it up as quickly as possible. i want our permitting department to be that fast. >> governor jerry brown is trying to speed things along. yesterday he issued an executive order suspending planning and zoning requirements and state fees for manufactured homes and mobile home parks. an evacuation orders were lifted for several napa neighborhoods as well. many people returned home for the first time since the fires began, but the work continues especially for the countless chefs and volunteers with the napa valley barbecue foundation. they initially hoped to feed 400 to 800 people in need. >> i think it's been running on adrenaline and whatever is after adrenaline for the last few days. we've been going nine or ten days straight with little to no sleep. i don't know how you can sleep
6:35 am
when there's something out there like that happening to your community. something had to be done, and this is what we could do. >> listen to this, so far they have served more than 31,000 meals since the fires began. when our neighbors are in need abc 7 shows up. michael finney and 7 on your side spent part of yesterday at an assistance center in napa helping people affected by the wildfires. about 200 people showed up looking for advice. many wanted to know about how to get help from fema. you do have 60 days to register for assistance either online, in person, or by phone. and today michael finney will be at the assistance center at the old "press democrat" building. for a list of all locations go to also happening today, two community meetings will be held in sonoma county to help people impacted by those fires. local, state, and federal officials are working together to help rebill tuild. residents will be updated on the
6:36 am
procedures for re-entering neighborhoods, debris removal and cleanup, and getting financial assistance. the first meeting at 1:00 p.m. at the sonoma veterans building on 1st street in sonoma. the second at 6:00 p.m. at the santa rosa high school gym on mendocino avenue in santa rosa. check our website for a list of areas where evacuation orders have been lifted. we have information on resources to help those affected by the fires. a san francisco police officer is in the intensive care unit after he was critically injured. that officer was on bike patrol yesterday when an suv hit him. this was near van ness avenue. the suspect was arrested after a three-hour manhunt. the car involved was found abandoned near buena vista park. the injured officer was rushed to san francisco general with life-threat ing injuries of he was patrolling the tenderloin when he got hit. >> everyone's obviously taking it hard.
6:37 am
i just spoke with some of the officers from the affected station and everyone is having a tough time with this. so i ask the public to keep the officer in their prayers. >> the suspect's name has not been released but you see him here getting arrested. he was being investigated for a firearms violation. san francisco is paying a quarter of a million dollars for security cameras at delores park following a string of violent assaults and the latest was two weeks ago when a 17-year-old boy was assaulted and robbed by a group of 12 people. they took the boy's money, belt, and wallet before running away. the cinstalled in the coming weeks and also two full-time park rangers have been assigned to the park which according to reports has reduced trash and vandalism. san francisco making a new push to make sure people safely get rid of their unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs. this is in celebration of national pharmacy week. a network of safe, disposable
6:38 am
kiosks. they have hosted drug takeback days where residents can throw away drugs they don't need or want. the kiosks will provide an every day opportunity to do the same thing. developing news in the east bay, the warriors and oakland alameda county coliseum authority appear to be heading for a legal battle. our media partner reports the warriors believe they have no obligation to pay any remaining debt once they move to san francisco. but they claim they owe $40 million for a bond debt. the warriors requested mediation to resolve all of this. it will go before an arbiter if it's not resolved. the coliseum authority plans to discuss the issue tomorrow. it will be a closed session. the latest air quality up in the north bay where i have our camera from san rafael. the weather window open, and you can see it looks much cleaner up there. it is cloudy and 54 degrees.
6:39 am
we have moderate air quality in the north bay and the santa clara valley still healthy and good air quality elsewhere. there's a possibility with the raging fire still going that we could have some poor air quality in the north bay, moderate to the coast in the santa clara valley. as the day unfolds. 47 up in the hills in los gatos. to san jose, 56. you'll see most of us in the low to mid-50s. we do have napa at 50 andenood extremes. a look at san mateo bridge, a little mist for you, a little drizzle as you get closer to the peninsula side and that's my commute planner for the roads. drizzle to showers. mass transit cool to mild today. small craft advisory on the bay starting at about 9:00 this evening. so most of us will miss out on that. it will be a cloudy start to the game at the coliseum. the chiefs take on the raiders, 63 at 5:25. showers likely by 8:25 and hopefully the raiders win by
6:40 am
we'll be dealing with breakers of 15 to 18 feet possibly up to 25 feet. sneaker waves, rip currents and beach erosion from 6:00 this evening 24 hours later to 6:00 friday evening. more on that rain coming up. here's alexis. we have a new problem as you head into the south bay area here, mike. sbld 880 is impacting the off ramp to thornton but sounds like a roll over collision at the bottom of that ramp. so obviously southbound 880 is always heavy until you get about to the dumbarton bridge. could have extra on looker delay if they're not able to clear that soon. i've not gotten any word on inuries yet. westbound 580 tracy to dublin extra heavy especially on 205 connecting with 580. 1:04. westbound 4 antioch to concord down to the left center lane blocked by that disabled vehicle. just before you get to willow pass road. check out the drive time. 1:27. if you want to use kirker pass
6:41 am
road that could save you as much as a half hour. san rafael to san francisco in the green at 27 minutes. debris reported around golden gate bridge. i'll talk more about that up next. a big question in the wake of the for the bay fires, which homes are still standing? and we are going to show you a brand-new online tool to help answer that question. also, drop, cover and hold on. look at that. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live on google's campus with details on an important campaign happening today. and today at 9:00 on "live and today at 9:00 on "live with kelly and ryan" josh brol
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today's storm is level one. keep an umbrella handy. anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. check out what's going on. i have it dialed in to the pacific northwest. it looks a lot like yesterday as it was raining up there then but the storm is on the move. you may notice mist and drizzle. jessica? okay, mike, thank you. from our live desk this morning, a brand-new interactive map allowing anyone to find out the status of their homes and buildings in sonoma county after
6:45 am
the wildfires. we told you about this at the top of hour, but now i want to show you how it works. and here's some important things to note on the webpage have it on you'll see some book marks, those come in really handy. i will use the book marks tool and click on coffey park, one of the hardest hit areas. the red represents homes that are gone. the yellow dots represent some homes that are damaged. i will zoom in here. it uses the old google map and puts a dot on those homes affected so you'll still see your home standing there but the red indicates it's gone. the yellow indicates some damage the yellow indicates some damage to it related to the fire. we hope it's a great resource for evacuees. >> that is good to know, jessica, thank you. a statewide event to remind
6:46 am
every person in california that earthquake danger is real and the big one could happen at any moment. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at google's campus where the largest earthquake drill will be happening today. hi, amy. >> reporter: and the main attraction is the earthquake simulator so we can describe what it feels like. i want to bring in jason who is i want to bring in jason who is with the great shake out. what is the mission? >> we want to teach people to stop, drop and roll. how you drop and hold on to something nearby, a sturdy desk or table. >> reporter: or you. what if i grab you? oh, my gosh. i just got hit. are you okay? we all found a spot.
6:47 am
that's good. >> let's be safe and get out. >> reporter: this probably would have broken. we have to be careful where we place our hands and get ourselves situated. that was a lot. it takes your breath a >> got caught in the cabinet. >> reporter: were you okay? we all found our spot and covered. why do we have to drop? i want to run. >> you want to drop before the earthquake drops you. it can throw you to the ground. earthquakes throw things. they don't just fall down. >> reporter: including us. okay. i don't like that feeling. google employees will be able to participate today. they'll talk about getting their homes prepared, their families prepared. the big attraction is coming in here. it does make you giggle and
6:48 am
helps you realize just how serious this is. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> you look stunned. p>> amy, who pushes the button? it seems like it's a surprise. >> reporter: what did you say, reggie? >> who actually pushes that button? >> reporter: oh, somebody who -- i thought were you probably talking to, you're probably telling him to crank it up, weren't you? >> well, i mean, next year we're going to hook it up to our ipad. >> reporter: i know what you're up to. >> we were hoping -- we want to control it back here. >> reporter: 7.0? take it up to a 9.0. she can handle it. >> over and over again during the live shot but that's next year's dream. >> reporter: yes, thanks a lot. >> we appreciate it. and the california -- was she going? >> oh, no. we missed it. >> dreams really do come true. the california emergency management agency reminding people to be ready for an
6:49 am
earthqua earthquake. >> we encourage to you have emergency kits stocked with items with radios, flashlights, and extra batteries. also a three-day supply of food and water for everyone in the person and a manual can opener. that's important, too, because you might lose power. an emergency plan are to your family. those are posted on some great resources to be prepared. okay, now to your morning money report. amazon's hunt for a second u.s. headquarters. >> cities have to submit by today. it will cost at least $5 million to build and operate. the ceo says he expects the new facility to be equal to amazon seattle headquarters. several cities are submitting proposals including san francisco, san jose, oakland and concord. meal kit delivery service
6:50 am
blue apron is laying off 300 employees. they revealed the decision in a regulatory filing yesterday and in an e-mail to its workers. blue apron has been facing blue apron has been facing increasing competition. >> a live look now at the big board of the new york stock exchange. you can see that we are down this morning. yesterday the dow closed above 23,000 for the first time ever. just a day after briefly crossing the 23,000 threshold. analysts say this stock market rally could last through the end of the year. they also warn a market correction is only a matter of time. also down this morning our temperatures. let's check in with >> mid to upper level clouds. that low cloud deck you can see below the 2,600 foot elevation and that's where our mist and
6:51 am
drizzle. rain tonight will be breezy by tomorrow morning and we'll go from an autumn chill to summer warmth. our storm system at least the leading edge 350 miles away from us. a long way to go. we are at 7:00 this morning. you could see drizzle, mist, all that have through the morning commute. we're seeing scattered showers while the rest will have while the rest will have sprinkles and drizzled. some drizzle and sprinkles. the steady, light to moderate is different from yesterday. we have some yellow showing up at 8:00 in the north bay and then you can see it moving into the heart of the bay by 11:00 and then exiting the south bay by about 4:00. still scattered light showers in the higher elevations from 9:00 to noon. we'll start it clear out and see sunshine.
6:52 am
you will need the umbrellas during the evening hours. up to a tenth of an inch in the south bay. a quarter to a half inch possible across the north bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s and 60s. there's that autumn chill tomorrow. more fall like saturday with 60s and 70s and some sunshine and summerlike by tuesday around the bay. a tough one tomorrow morning, alexis. >> we've had a trouble spolt for close to an our now. as you get just before willow pass road but we're at about an hour and a half. golden gate bridge. reports of some of the metal debris there in the center toll lane. be on the lookout for that. drive times here, too.
6:53 am
in san francisco to the airport, your flight could be delayed once you get there but shouldn't have any problems on the inters
6:54 am
it's 6:54. here are seven things you need to know before you go. the first one it's weather. look at the storm impact scale. it's one, it's light. we're going to go from mist and drizzle to sprinkles and showers and then steady rain this evening. a tenth to half an inch of rain
6:55 am
possible. number two, we haven't had a lot of crashes this morning but do have a disabled semi slowing you down on westbound highway 4 just before you get to willow pass road. check out these speeds, 4 miles an hour, 6 miles an hour. use kirker pass road for an alternate. number three, in the last ten minutes cal fire announced the bear fire in santa cruz county is at 320 acres and 30% contained, that is up from 15% yesterday. evacuation orders remain in place this morning. cal fire hopes the coming rain will help battle the north bay fires. crews have made steady progress this week with most of the fires now more than 80% contained. number five, a san francisco police officer was rushed to zuckerberg san francisco general after an suv hit him yesterday. the officer remains in intensive care. the suspect was arrested after a three-hour manhunt. an earthquake rattled monterey counties overnight. pthe 3.8 quake struck at 4:45 north of green field south of
6:56 am
salinas. no injuries reported. number seven, today is the great california shake out. it's a day to raise awareness of what to do during an earthquake. our own amy hollyfield was at google where the world's largest quake drill will be held today. go to for tips on how to prepare and just look under prepare norcal. and maybe as you're getting ready for work today, eating your breakfast what you're going to wear, choose purple. our team wearing purple today. this definitely counsel as purple. >> it's an eggplant in the purple family. >> it's spirit day and disney and our abc stations company wide are supporting lgbtq youth as a part of spirit day and so there's a #choosekindness. we hope you're able to show kids a little bit of support by putting on something purple. >> and it represents an end to bullying which everyone can relate to so we hope that everyone is in solidarity with us as well. >> we'll see you in about 25 minutes with updates on your news, weather and traffic. until then "gma" is next.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, captured. police closing in on the man accused of that brutal killing spree gunning down his co-workers then going on the run sparking a multistate manhunt. >> one of the most heinous acts we've ever seen in our county. >> the shocking takedown. fallen soldiers fallout. president trump faces new outrage after calling the widow of a soldier reportedly saying he knew what he signed up for. more families coming forward and now new questions about a $25,000 check the president promised a different family. an abc news exclusive, as the me too movement grows, alyssa milano, the actress and activist who reignited the movement and inspired millions to share their stories is now here live. the sexual harassment she faced. opening up for the first time only on "gma


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